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United Airlines customer service
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Contact United Airlines customer service customer service phone numbers

Phone Number : 1 800-864-8331

Email : info@united.com

Business Hours:

Website : https://www.united.com/en/us

Corporate Head office: United Airlines, Inc. 233 S. Wacker Drive Chicago, IL 60606 United States

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  • Headquarters website

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History of United Airlines

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United Airlines was the creation of aviation pioneer William Boeing World Health Organization taken off within the aeroplane business in 1916. His Boeing aeroplane Company, because it was then referred to as, achieved the primary international communicating delivery in 1919 and he went on to determine United craft house. in 1928.

It absolutely was this UAC that nonheritable mail and traveler service operator Pacific transportation on 1 Jan 1928, then, renamed Boeing craft & Transport Co., integrated with Pratt & Whitney craft in early 1929 to create United craft and Transport Corporation (UATC).

UATC nonheritable America’s initial scheduled traveler services carrier Stout Air Services on 29 april 1929, the nation’s initial scheduled service (mail only) operator Varney Air Lines in early 1930 and, finally, National transportation on 7 could 1930. On March 28, 1931, UATC shaped the corporation United Air Lines, Inc. to manage its airline subsidiaries. so United Airlines makes the claim to be the oldest industrial airline within the u. s. by means of its Varney acquisition.

Varney was founded by walter Varney in boise, Idaho. Varney’s chief pilot, Leon D. “Lee” Cuddeback, flew the primary contract air mail flight in a very Swallow plane from Varney’s headquarters in capital of Idaho, Idaho, to the railroad mail hub at Pasco, Washington, on April 5, 1926 and came the subsequent day with 200 pounds of mail. Varney Airlines’ original 1925 construction served as a little of the terminal building for the boise airport till 2003, once the structure was replaced.

In which year United Airlines founded

6 April 1926, Boise, Idaho,
United States.

CEO: Oscar Munoz

Products and brands of United Airlines

United Airlines Products and brands

United Airlines Headquarters description

Delta Airlines is one in all the leading airlines within the us. the corporate started in 1924 with crop dusting. The name of the initial company was Huff Daland Dusters. That name was eventually modified to Delta and also the company affected on from crop dusting to transporting individuals everywhere the planet.

United Airlines Headquarters info

The Delta Airlines headquarters is found in Atlanta, GA. the corporate offers contact info for the company workplace, as well as a address and phone number. there’s no email address specifically for the company workplace, however you’ll realize Delta Airlines on social media.

Headquarters Address United Airlines Headquarters

United Airlines HQ
233 South Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL 60606

United Airlines Headquarters Phone

  • +1-312-997-8000
  • +1-872-825-4000

Headquarters email

  • mileageplus@united.com

Live Chat Customer For United Airlines

  • Live Chat is currently unavailable

Headquarters website

  • www.united.com

United Airlines all headquarters Name & numbers

  • United Airlines HQ
    233 South Wacker Drive
    Chicago, IL 60606
  • +1-312-997-8000


United Airlines customer services

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The United Airlines customer service. Get in reality with United Airlines’ customer service department through the subsequent phone numbers, email, social media and get in touch with kind. For additional data concerning company offices, member services, baggage and baggage issues, reservations, international flights, mileage plus and post-travel customer service, please call the numbers listed below.

Phone numbers

  • 1 800-864-8331

United Airlines Customer Service Email

There is no corporate email listed on the Delta Airlines headquarters side of the website.

Live Chat Customer Service

  • Live Chat is currently unavailable

How to complain to United Airlines?

United customer Service Department may be reached by phone on 1-800-864-8331. for bags complaints, decision 1-800-335-2247.

You can conjointly use this type to produce feedback regarding landing field or in-flight experiences. Complaints is also sent in writing to the airlines’ communication address: PO Box 06649, Chicago, IL 60606-0649.

The Twitter handle @united can even be wont to contact the airline’s customer service representatives.

United Airlines Careers and Jobs

United Airlines Careers and Jobs

Career opportunities with United are listed in this page, which also provides information on vacancies for veterans and students.

The airline also keeps a list of vacancies on LinkedIn.

United Airlines headquarters Executive Team

  • Oscar Munoz, CEO
  • Scott Kirby, President
  • Michael P. Bonds, Executive VP (Human Resources and Labor Relations)
  • Brett J. Hart, Executive VP & General Counsel
  • Gregory Hart, Executive VP & Chief Operations Officer
  • Linda Jojo, Executive VP & Chief Information Officer
  • Andrew Levy, Executive VP & Chief Financial Officer
  • Howard Attarian, Senior VP (Flight Operations)
  • Kris Bauer, Senior VP (Technical Operations)
  • John Gebo, Senior VP (Alliances)
  • Kate Gebo, Senior VP (Customer Service Delivery)
  • David Hilfman, Senior VP (Worldwide Sales)
  • Douglas Leo, Senior VP (Network)
  • Douglas McKeen, Senior VP (Labor Relations)
  • Jim Olson, Senior VP (Corporate Communications)
  • Brad Rich, Senior VP, United Express
  • Sam Risoli, Senior VP (Inflight Services)
  • Jonathan Roitman, Senior VP (Airport Operations)

Directors of The United Airlines Company

  • Oscar Munoz, Chairman
  • Carolyn Corvi
  • Jane C. Garvey
  • Barney Harford
  • Capt. Todd M. Insler
  • Walter Isaacson
  • James A. C. Kennedy
  • Robert A. Milton
  • William R. Nuti
  • Sito Pantoja
  • Edward M. Philip
  • Edward L. Shapiro
  • Laurence E. Simmons
  • David J. Vitale
  • James M. Whitehurst

United Airlines customer service reviews

Here is a list of websites that provide information about the United Airlines customer service reviews,

  • http://www.airlinequality.com/airline-reviews/united-airlines/
  • www.tripadvisor.in/Airline_Review-d8729177-Reviews-Cheap-Flights-United-Airlines
  • www.consumeraffairs.com/travel/united.html
  • http://www.mouthshut.com/product-reviews/United-Airlines-reviews

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