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by Joe Ravis on Boost mobile customer service

Signing up for autopayment moved my duedate forward shorting me by almost the full week that I have already paid for. Now also my payment date keeps getting moved forward by them it is now by 4 days earlier then a year and it was just moved forward again on a 30 day month. They can claim all they want with thier records ill go by my bank that takes it out on the day it was a activated not just the day it finalized. I do not belive what they just claim it to be. Like sprint back in the day soring swapping your minuets used with text messages 10 years ago just so they can charge you more, ramping due dates forward is stealing money from us because the prepaid goods and services were not fully delivered. I for one will be reporting them to everyone i possibly can. With looking for a new phone company

by Priscilla on Boost mobile customer service

I have been a loyal customer of boost for many years now. I am absolutely disappointed and taken back by the lack of customer service and the amount of time to reconcile the situation. I have made numerous attempts in resolving this,with this email I'm also reaching out to Mr.Draper,the CEO of boost as well as any other social media and local media output I can find. In Hope's of not having to repeat my ordeal to yet another useless rep. Heres my story
On Sept 26 2018 my boyfriend and I went in to buy new phones we were discouraged in our choices and pursauded to purchase 2 samsung revise phones, our choices were one style 4 LG ,and an Iphone 6 ,we were also told that it would be cheaper to get new numbers and reset our service. We trusted the sales person ,thought since she had a job doing this she knew best. We r very unhappy with the performance of the samsung phones we tried to get refund,on day 3,after purchade,was told to give it 30 days and if still unhappy then we would be made happy, needless to say boost has a 7 day return policy, so that screwed us,our services have been very slow after being talked into a family plan with just 2 phone.! We were told to contact samsung,since return to store was elapsed (not our fault,we did as instructed) samsung has no reason to get involved the phones work just fine,so we have been bullied into 2 phones we HATE we have 2 new numbers that we didnt ask for, and our service is lacking for sure . I have been hung up on ,put in gold for several minutes,reps pretend to lose cell or not hear me and hang up. And a supervisor named Mike was supposed to contact me with a resolve and hasnt.. And to make this situation even better w were told by samsung that we have preowned rehabbed phones..SOLD TO US AT BRAND NEW PURCHASE PRICE , I'm usually a easy going person but when something isnt right it should be fixed ,and if this isnt common practice of boost mobile then I sure must be the most unluckiest people on the planet. All I want is to have a good phone that i actually choose,and service i can rely on for my company. Maybe this will reach the person maybe not. Until then im going on every social media platform with boost attached to it long with. CEOS AND VICE PREIDENTS. Someone has to correct this
***update**** still no response,zero contact ,still being shuffled to another senseless,unsuccessful futile attempt,by yet another incompetent, un AMERICAN ,boost rep,customer care,BOOST MOBILE IS NOT THE COMPANY I HAD THOUGHT, EXPECTED, OR HOPED IT WOULD BE. WE were bullied into phones,services,additional accessories that isnt even compatible with the junk phones we were persuaded into. We feel angry,confused,bullied,and fed up . As a long time ,multi year supporter of boost , i think i been duped and now everyone that should be responsible has weaseled out of accountability and to me thats rape,theft,misleading, false advertising, and selling merchandise that is 2nd hand,for brand new.THIS IS WRONG,AND I REFUSE TO ALLOW MYSELF TO BE VICTIMIZED BY FAULTY,POOR BUSINESS SKILLS LACK OF BASIC HUMAN MORALS. THIS HAS TO STOP .! I WANT WHAT I ASKED FOR, PAID FOR,AND HAVE BEEN PURSUING SINCE DAY 3 OF PURCHASE.

by Betti on Boost mobile customer service

I normally would give Boost 4 or 5 stars and freat review. until last week. I had an encounter with a Boost emoloyee that has leftme. shocked, angry and considering leaving boost unless something some kind of action is taken. I went into my lical boost store to ask thr emoloyee why i was not able to get tgr interney on my phone. Id been havin diffuculties all day at the house i stay at. I had never had any trouble before. I handedmy phone yo tur young man(person) ant behind thr counter. He sayd " did u pay urbill? I said " of course i paid my bil. my phone is not off my unternet isnot working. he then tossed the phone atme and said your internet is on you dont know what your talkinu about. I was appalled I wanted to ask what he did to get it on but ge coearly dismissed me. I sat down on a bench to look at phone about 2 mins later he says to ke " you need to leave im gonna ve clising the store. I looked at him and said its only636 you dont close til 7. hesaid i dont care youneed to leave. I stood up shocked started to walk out door. instead i stopped by phones and said id like to see whichphones i can up grade to. he said are you gonna upgrade today? I said no not today Ijust want to see which phobes i can get. He said if you arent upgrading today then yoi need to leabe the store. I was so shocked so mortified that this little man/child felt he could talk to me like total trash. Im appalled i have never beem treated so rude and abrasive and ignorant. I. finding out who owns that store if that kid is not removed from that store or put on suspension for at least a month i will leavr boost and takr alot of others with me. I do not want troubl3 with boost but i want this idiot handled and I want him to see. my face when he gets walked out.

by Earl Waddell on Boost mobile customer service

I transferred my service from a boost mobile free phone a Samsung J6 to my new IPhone X I bought from I had to get a new iPhone because I damaged the old one and the Apple store informed me that boost had my phone listed as a locked phone on the Boost site. I’ve tried to get boost to correct the problem that was created by one of their corrupt employees. I went back to the store at 4240 N broad st in Philadelphia but the employee wasn’t there and the new manager couldn't help me. I waiting on the corporate office to contact me

by shaun snead on Boost mobile customer service

I have been with Boost Mobile over 6 years and i cannot believe they are doing me like this. I always pay my bill on time and insurance. They sent me on a runaround 8 TIMES!! Talked to 8 representatives about THE SAME THING and each one of them had a different solution IF SOMEONE FROM CORPORATE is reading this CONTACT ME PLEASE! Boost mobiles customer service will not even give u corporates number! I am ready to contact my local new company this is Really Rediculous!

by lashaye wingate on Boost mobile customer service

the worst cell company ever created. non bearly english speaking customer service people and management. i will in the next week get another phone company. boost mobile is a company were you get what you pay for......

by Kellie on Boost mobile customer service

They sold me a phone that was locked!! That's right hundreds of dollars on a phone I can not use. They said I have to send it back on my own dime.They will not reimburse that money spent sending it back because of a mistake they made. I have to then wait to get another phone after they receive the old one. They suggested I get another because a full refund could take up to 14 days or longer!! It's a scam they sent me a phone I couldn't use.

by Nancy pinder on Boost mobile customer service

Boost has the worst servoce just like trying to call boost nd i never get tp a human being nd im trying to call a state phone number nd its saying i dont have enpigh money.why am i paying u all 125 a month if i cant call the state?will somebody plz help me out with a live rep?? Im so close to leaving boost now because of these issues

Phone number: 1-888-266-7848

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