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by Linnie Hill on Boost mobile customer service

I just bought another phone from Boost and it was cracked when I bought the phone. I took it back to the store on 3421 Murchison rd in fayetteville nc and told them that the phone was cracked they said sorry. So i called boost directly they said that boost doesn't repesent boost. What the hell it was a boost store a boost dealer. Dumb ass people.

by ruben rosado on Boost mobile customer service

Corporate Headquarters: 1-949-748-3200

by anthony craft on Boost mobile customer service

good info. boost mobile wtf.

by Meliss on Boost mobile customer service

I have been trying to resolve a issue with boost mobile now for 72 hours they have told me the same they do not have a corporate office and if you want to make a complaint you have to talk to a customer service rep or supervisor who is outsourced in another country with no knowledge of our country laws and no respect for there customer. I have reached out to state agencies like BBB and consumer affairs. I also found out that there is no number for there corporate office, however when I had exhausted all options I found There Vice President David Kim who is the Prepaid fields Sales distribution and operations manage. He is out of LAs Vegas NEvada and his contact information is public on google. I hope he can assit with the horrible customer service and boost policies.

by Kristina on Boost mobile customer service

This is the most disorganized company I have ever had phone service through. Rude unprofessional and entitled. They do not have managers just customer service agents that pretend to have a title. Do not ever get boost Mobile as your phone company. Plain and simple they SuCK

by Jasmine rodriguez on Boost mobile customer service

ūüí©I repeat there is no corporate number for boost mobile. This is just a decoy of a number and just route you to the customer service department and then you ask them if they can transfer you to a corporate they say they dont have such department. This is a fradulent business. I have a huge problem with this company. I do not get no service at my house or my parents house and every time someone calls me the calls drop or goes to voicemail. I just moved from cricket to boost. Then I get transfered to these overseas representatives that dont care. And it was the worst service I have ever dealt with any phone service. Im gonna move back to cricket because they are the far the best in no contract lines. I want my refund.

by pam on Boost mobile customer service

i have been a loyal boost mobile customer since it was part of Nextel. And now I am sorry I ever had been associated with them. I needed a new phone since the line started dropping in December 2018. I was looking for a small size phone, but the clerk suggested a bigger one, yada, yada, yada. This all occurred January 18. Since that time the new phone can do Internet stuff, but cannot call out/receive calls, BUT my old phone can make/receive calls, but does not have Internet!??? What a crock. Every time I go back to return the new phone, I get the song and dance that only the manager can make that transaction. Give me a break. I am truly disappointed with this company. I want my money back. You can have the new phone, which by the way, is turned off.

by Sarah buck on Boost mobile customer service

The worst,slowest,unreliable Service provider i have ever PAID $35mo.for!!!!for the past 3mos i have found out from some of my contacts(the ones i see in person,like neighbors)have about calling me,when i never got a missed call but they leave a voice mess.?how does that wk?not to good for me!!!so only ones i know about is because when i sent a text to my neighbor at 10 am and they let me know they didnt receive my text until 5 pm!THATS FAST AND RELIABLE???????maybe in someone elses world,but not MINE!!im sorry but this is not providing me with a FAST&RELIABLE service at all,actually every time i get a call,(which has not been very often)or make a call DROPS CALL!!!!was on line with a boost rep 1/05,06,07,08,10,11,13,14,15/2019 and while it was being monitored,&recorded dropped the calls almost every time and not just once,over and over!i can not keep paying for a service thats not being provided,lost $,friends,a lawyer and alot more!not tp mention all the gas going to all the boost mobile stores.this SUCKS!and has got so out of line om going to have to switch networks due to not just POOR SERVICE but NO SERVICE!!!DONT GO WITH BOOST MOBILE!!!might as well throw your $$$$$ in trash,would be jusy as effective as paying BOOST MOBILE every MONTH!must have to many cant provide GOOD service for a 4 YEAR LOYAL CUSTOMER oh well i guess CONSUMER CELLULAR isnt sounding to bad

by Nicole on Boost mobile customer service

Purchased a certified preowned IPhone 6 from boost mobile website for a Christmas present.  Waited to give it and won't work. The phone does not turn on at all.  On the 26th of December, the day we opened the phone I contacted boost Mobile and explained the issue. But because the phone was passed the 7 days for the warranty there's nothing they could do. I was directed to call BrightStar I've done that bright star has no record of this phone. It was escalating twice e to Bright Star and twice corporate came back and said I need to take this up with boost Mobile.  I have contacted Bright Star NUMEROUS TIMES and they have no record of my phone. I was told by Boost Mobile that I now have to contact Apple and have them update the limited warranty. I DID THAT! Apple says that it's past the warranty date  because  it's only  in warranty when it first gets sent to boost. I've been going back and forth with Boost Mobile since December 26th. I paid almost $200 for the phone, $60 to have it activated and it is sitting on my counter doing nothing. Boost says past 7 days of purchase can't help. 200 dollars for a brick. I have phone and proof of purchase. I'm not asking phone upgrade, I'm not asking for my money back, I'm asking for what I am entitled to. I received a non-functional phone no fault of my own, this is how it was sent to me. I have contacted boost via Facebook numerous, numerous times. Send them text messages to 2781, have sent Facebook messages and I'm told the same thing over and over and over again

by Adrian MD on Boost mobile customer service

I'm shaking my head at this company. I've been customer for 10 years now and, I see loyalty only means something to me. Matter o'fact superior...GOOD customer service should be for every single person that cares to do business with them. I know with out a doubt that their outsourced customer service representative collect their customers information then solicit their customers on the side because immediately after I would upgrade my phones I would receive an influx of calls from "local' numbers soliciting me, USING MY NAME, but the reps had the same (India) accents as their outsourced customer service. The worst part is that the bastards are rude even if you politely say, "No thank you; Please don't call this number again"...they abruptly hang up on you. I wonder if Boost knows this or they have arranged this with them. I just reported to them today.

Phone number: 1-888-266-7848

Hours: Mon-Fri: 4am - 8pm PST, Sat & Sun: 4am - 7pm PST



Boost mobile Corporate Office Address
6591 Irvine Center Dr #100, Irvine, CA 92618, USA