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Huntington Bank customer service Content overview

1. History

  • In which year Huntington Bank founded
  • Huntington Bank Seattle campus

2. Headquarters info

  • Huntington Bank Headquarters Address
  • Headquarters Phone Numbers
  • Huntington Bank Headquarters email
  • Live Chat Customer For Huntington Bank
  • Huntington Bank website

3. Customer services

  • Huntington Bank Phone numbers
  • Huntington Bank Customer Service Email
  • Live Chat Customer Service
  • Huntington Bank 24 hours customer service

4. How to complain?
5. Careers and Jobs
6. Headquarters Executive Team
7. Customer service reviews
8. Loan  information

9. Resource Links


History of Huntington Bank

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Huntington Bancshares opposition. is one in all the forty largest multibank holding corporations within the us. With concerning $16.5 billion in assets in 1994, Huntington operated 350 offices in eight states, largely in Ohio and different western states. It conjointly provided varied money services through many subsidiaries. Huntington’s made history spans quite one hundred twenty five years.

P. W. Huntington fashioned the Huntington full service bank in 1866. He had to try and do one thing massive. After all, P. W. was one in all the foremost recent additions to a protracted line of Huntington’s that had helped form the us of America. In 1633 Simon and Margaret Huntington left Norwich, England, with their female offspring and 4 sons to settle within the little city of Roxbury, Massachusetts.

Simon died of variola throughout the voyage, however the family prospered, married, and increased. Benjamin Huntington, P. W.’s great grandparent and also the descendent of 1 of Margaret’s sons, helped to start out the Revolutionary War by career the primary revolutionary meeting in Norwich, Connecticut, in 1774.

Another Huntington, Samuel, was president of the Continental Congress from 1779 to 1781, signed the Declaration of Independence, and helped construct the Constitution; some historians have even mentioned prophet because the nation’s true 1st president. The Huntington once that P. W. was named, Pelatiah Webster, was a well known political social scientist, author, and teacher throughout the late 1700s.

In which year Huntington Bank founded

  • 1866
  • CEO: Stephen D Steinour

Huntington Bank Seattle campus

We have gathered all the knowledge concerning Huntington Bank branches in seattle, together with the nighest to you. We will assist you do your banking quicker by providing branch contact data, commercialism hours etc.

Huntington Bank Headquarters info

The Huntington national bank has 1328 banking locations. Their company headquarters is listed as: 17 South street in Columbus Ohio. Below you may realize ratings, reviews, company data, directions, workplace hours, their telephone number, on-line banking web site, and branch locations.

Headquarters Address Huntington Bank Headquarter Images

  • 41 South High Street, HC0729.
    Columbus, OH 43215.

Huntington Bank Headquarters Phone

  • (800) 480-2265

Headquarters email


Live Chat Customer For Huntington Bank

No Live Chat

Huntington Bank Headquarters website


Huntington Bank customer service

Huntington Bank customer service images

The customer Service cluster helps you with queries regarding account balances, loan balances, loan payoffs, ordering checks, net banking, phone banking, debit cards, credit cards, IRAs and CDs.

Huntington Bank Phone numbers

  • 00 1 616-355-8828

Huntington Bank customer service Email


Live Chat Huntington Bank customer service

  • No Live Chat For Customer Service

How to complain to Huntington Bank?

Paste your text here and click on “Next” to observe this text redactor do it’s factor.

don’t have any text to check? don’t have any text to chThe Division of economic Institutions’ workplace of client Affairs welcomes the chance to help shoppers WHO have fully fledged difficulties once conducting business with Ohio client finance registrants. Written complaints to the Division from shoppers might cause resolution of issues once shoppers are unsuccessful on their own.

Keep in mind the Division doesn’t have authority over all money corporations or transactions and can’t intervene in contractual or legal disputes or act as AN agent of the shoppers. The Division of economic establishments doesn’t regulate federally chartered national banks, savings banks, savings & loan
associations, or credit unions. If your grievance relates to business with these entities, please send your grievance to theeck? Click “Select Samples“.

Huntington Bank Careers and Jobs

Huntington Bank Careers and Jobs Images

To return to a complete listing of our job opportunities after conducting a search, clear any entered search terms from the Job Title, Job Number, or Keywords and Where search fields using the “X” in each box, and then click the Search For Jobs! button.

Huntington Bank headquarters Executive Team

  • Stephen D. Steinour
  • Richard A. Cheap
  • Andy Harmening
  • Paul Heller
  • Helga Houston
  • Howell D. “Mac” McCullough III
  • Daniel J. Neumeyer
  • Sandra Pierce
  • Rick Remiker
  • Nicholas G. Stanutz
  • Rajeev “Raj” Syal
  • Mark Thompson
  • Julie C. Tutkovics

Directors of The Huntington Bank  Company

  • Kathleen Ransier
  • David Porteous
  • Jonathan Levy
  • Michael Endres
  • John Gerlach Jr.
  • Don Casto III
  • Richard Neu CPA
  • Ann Crane
  • Steven Elliott
  • Peter Kight

Huntington Bank customer service reviews

Here is a list of websites that provide information about the Huntington Bank customer service reviews,


Huntington Bank Holiday Hours Open

  • New Years Day
  • New Years Day
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • Presidents’ Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day

Huntington bank loan Information

How to begin Your Application

Choose a loaner.
Determine that loaner and loan program work best for you. take into account your current relationship, the amount of service, the range of loan choices and origination fees.
Lock in your loan rate.
When you lock in your rate, you’re bound to get that rate at closing, notwithstanding whether or not market rates square measure higher or lower at that point. you’ll conceive to lock in anytime — from the day you decide on your loan, up to 5 days before closing. though if you wait, you run the chance that rates might go up.

Complete your loan application.
Once we’ve got an entire application, your Key Home loaning authority can give AN calculable closing date.

Does Huntington offer personal loans?

We offer a variety of personal loans designed to meet your individual needs. We’ll tailor your loan to finance just about anything, such as a motorcycle, a boat or RV, medical bills or debt consolidation. Get competitive rates that help turn your dreams into plans.


Huntington bank auto loan

Buy your next car, truck or motorcycle with a simple auto loan from Huntington. We offer competitive rates, no application fees and a fast approval process. So you’ll be on the road in no time.


Huntington bank loan rates

Fixed Rate Mortgages: 15 & 30 Year Terms

Get the security of a monthly principal and interest payment that never increases. We give you the flexibility to lock in your rate for any term between 8 and 30 years, whichever works best for you.

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