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by Sharon Smith on Panera Bread

I visited your facility on Monterey Blvd. in Palm Desert, CA today for the 3rd time since opening about 2 years ago. I dine frequently at other locations of Panera Bread thruout southern California. However, this particular location are in need of some real good management people as I have never seen such a dirty place. At about 3pm this afternoon, long after the busy lunch crowds and before dinner crowds, this place was in shambles. Dirty food and napkins all over the floor, tables not wiped down, rain water on chairs that had been brought in from the outside at the tables. I asked for knife to cut the chicken in my salad and was "we don't have any now". What??? The restroom had someone's drink cup on the toilet and toilet paper strewn all over. This is not what I feel is a good environment to have a meal. This is the 2nd time I have experienced this at this site but was by far the worst. Someone better get control here.......

by Laura on Panera Bread

Many years ago while recovering from surgery my daughter brought me lunch from Panera. My first experience with some great food. Panera became my go to lunch stop. It was great.
About 18 months ago we had lunch at Panera expecting the usual great food. It has changed. Mediocre, expensive and tasteless. Okay, maybe a bad day. Went to a different Panera for the next trip. Nasty! One more try, again at a Panera near Jacksonville airport. This time, not only was the food expensive and disappointing but the store itself was dirty, the bathroom bad.
What have you done? This seems to be an overall problem, not just one restaurant. You have taken away one of my special, enjoyable places to eat. You have gone from 5 star to maybe a 1 star. Very sad.

by Monica Gonzalez on Panera Bread

I made an order online for my company's corporate meeting ( Pembroke Pines Panera. Miami, FL), two days in advance. I had taken my time in writing the names in the "Prepared For" section. It took me about an hour and a half since I had ordered about 15 meals. To my surprise, when I had received the order nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing had any names on it nor the name of the meal. I even had some food missing. I find this to be extremely disappointing and very unethical. I like Panera Bread and never had any issues in the past but this has discouraged me from ever ordering from Panera again...

by Richard Donald on Panera Bread

I have emailed twice since 10/03/2018 about a problem with our order ( 3 of our 4 meals were missing avocado) and I have not received any response to either email !! Terrible customer care.

by Keisha Conway on Panera Bread

Today my doctor ordered Panera for the clinic. We ordered at 11:00 to be delivered to clinic. We called Panera at 12:10 to inquire about our order and was told it was out for delivery. We called back at 1:17 and ask to speak with the manager. I spoke with a gentleman who said the manager was delivering the food and was present at our clinic. He also told me that our food had been remade to assure freshness and there would be no charge for order. He also stated they had added extra bread. At 1:41 I called back and ask for a manager, the same gentleman told me again that the delivery driver was at our clinic and couldn't find us. I told him again where we were located. I called back at 1:55...was hung up on before anyone spoke. Called again...was hung up on before anyone spoke. FINALLY AROUND 2:30 OUR FOOD ARRIVED! No extra bread and the doctor will be watching his card to see if charges are taken out. This Panera is located on 21st Ave. in Nashville TN.
This is not the first time we have had trouble with this Panera. It is always very late or the entire order is not delivered.

by LaDonna Jones on Panera Bread

I enjoy eating at Panera Bread. We probably go 2x a week. My complaint with our store in North Port, Fl is that they have gone from our food being delivered to the table to now having to get up and get it at the counter when the device goes off.

It's not enough we have to scrape our plates like we're in a school cafeteria to picking our food up, self-service beverage, etc. We do everything ourselves and there is NO Customer service anymore.

Well, I refuse to do both. I'll pick up my food because I want to eat it but I am no longer removing the dishes to clear the table. You need to hire employees to take care of the dining room areas. McDonald's is delivering food to your table now for goodness sake!

The portions have gotten smaller and the prices continue to go up. The food is good that's why I keep going back.

Employees would like a tip but I don't see them doing anything above and beyond to receive it because there is no customer service with your guest.

Thank you.

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