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by Kirk on Pep Boys

I recently had a three level ACDF neck surgery ( removal of three disks replace by my bone a six inch cage and 14 screws). I planned for the time off and paid my bills in advance. However when the opened me up it was far worse than expected. My 2.5 hour surgery became five, and my recovery time doubled Cash was going to get really tight. I asked my Neurosurgeon if I could drive with LYFT, he said it’s a great idea, I’m cleared to drive I won’t be lifting anything and can rest when needed.

I set everything up, all I needed was the vehicle inspection of my 2017 Ford fusion with 17,000 miles. I called the Dixie Hwy location in Louisville KY. I was told how long it would take and I set up an appointment for noon the next day. I had a surgical follow up at 1:00 pm and the timing was great and wouldn’t waste gas.

I showed up early and was speaking to a African American woman about my appointment when an older gentleman in a white shirt told me I would have to wait an hour. I went outside and called my Doctor, but could no push back the time. I went back in and told them I couldn’t wait.

I called customer service about the issue. All I wanted was an assurance my next appointment would be honored. I got an email that I would be a call from the Senior Manager in 48 hours. The call never came. I called now, 72 hours later and was told the Senior Manager put in the comments I didn’t have an appointment.

Now my integrity has been attacked. If I just showed up, wouldn’t I expect to wait. And why would I show up an hour before a difficult appointment to get with a Neurosurgeon? Why do I have two calls the day before, saved the number and locations for google maps and added to my calendar?

I contacted customer service again and was told I would be contacted by a regional manager, that didn’t happen either. Now I was emailed that the “Senior Manager” will call me in 24 hours.

Even though I could be driving with LYFT last Friday, no way I will deal with this store. I’ve applied to Uber and will start the process over and cost me a weeks wages, but that’s how strongly I feel about your company and the mistreatment I feel.

I will continue to elevate this up the corporate structure until I reach the CEO. I will also elevate this with LYFT until they offer other options. They email twice a day wanting my inspection.

In my entire life, I’ve never felt so disrespected in my life. This is why I order everything on Amazon, every issue is corrected in 24 hours. I’ve been sent a new item without even having to return the old one. Not once in 15 years have I had a negative experience. I had just one with your company and it was the worse of my l

Phone number: 1-215-430-9000

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