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We just received a shipment from our vendor who used AAA Cooper. The driver was very rude from the time he walked through our door. My warehouse manager asked him to put the pallet over in the middle so it would not be blocking the door which is what we have all the trucking companies put pallets when we receive them. The driver said to my warehouse manager can't I just leave it here and you move it. My warehouse manager then saw there was some damaged boxes on the pallet. She told the driver we need to get pictures of this and the driver said can't you wait till I leave before you do that. My warehouse manager then came to get me I am the office manager and I went to the back and took a look. I right away noticed 1 box that was crushed. I asked the driver what we needed to do to file a claim and the driver said they will not file a claim for 1 box. I let the driver know there were more than one box and since I am not allowed to take the pallet apart I am not sure exactly if the other crushed boxes have damage. The driver then looked at me and said how do you know the product is damaged what is in the box. I showed the driver exactly what was in the box and said you can clearly see the box is crushed and that the product is damaged. I proceeded to get the owner of the company and she came back to look at the damage. The driver then called his company and his comment on the phone was if we are going to pretend then we need to pretend good. Was that a comment directed to our claim??? The driver then gave the owner the paper to sign and he said you can use my pen it is clean I only cleaned my ears with it. That I think was very rude especially to make that comment to a customer and to the owner of the company.

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