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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama Phone number helpline is available for existing and non-existing consumers to get support. Calling BCBSAL toll free number is best option to get your problem solved.

BCBSAL Toll Free Number

1 (888) 267-2955Customer Service

Calling BCBSAL phone number is one of the best ways to contact BCBSAL, using this toll-free number, you can directly speak with a customer care executive within a few seconds.

You can call 1 (888) 267-2955 this number Monday – Friday: 9:00am to 5:00pm.

Other Phone Numbers

Customer service 1 (888) 267-2955
Medicare Products 1-888-543-9212
Individual & Family Products 1 (888) 267-2955

BCBSAL Best Toll-Free/800 Phone Number

Call 1 (888) 267-2955

This is the best customer service phone number that you can use. Using this toll free 800 number, you can directly contact the BCBSAL customer agent. You can use this number for various tasks such as

  • Account Access
  • Payment
  • Start Insurance service
  • Change Insurance service
  • Cancel Insurance service
  • Health Insurance
  • A different issue

BCBSAL Head Office Contact Number

Corporate Head office address of BCBSAL:

450 Riverchase Parkway East, Birmingham, Alabama 35244, USA

For any general inquiries, please contact BCBSAL head office number: 1 (888) 267-2955.

General Problems or Reasons that BCBSAL Customers Calling

  • What is a grievance?
  • What is an appeal?
  • How to find additional information about grievances, coverage determinations, and appeals?
  • What is an appeal?
  • What is a coverage determination?
  • How do I appoint a representative?
  • What if I need my request expedited?
  • How do I submit a grievance?
  • What is Best Available Evidence (BAE)?
  • How do I obtain an aggregate number of grievances, appeals, and exceptions filed with BlueRx (PDP)?

Common Problem Categories

  • Cancel, change or start Insurance service
  • Account Access
  • Fraud & Abuse
  • Payments
  • A different issue

BCBSAL customer service

BCBSAL customer service number is 1 (888) 267-2955. If you have any question about your order, returns & cancel, general questions or inquiry about BCBSAL products and services than you can call BCBSAL support department on this number 1 (888) 267-2955. The helpline is open from Monday – Friday: 9.00am – 5.00pm.

Fraud & Abuse

In this department BCBSAL work for their customer security. if you have a any query regarding this department, you can call on their customer service number: 1 (888) 267-2955 for more information about Fraud & Abuse you can visit this webpage.

Medicare Products

If you have an any query regarding this department like choose health plan, find doctor and meeting or webinar than you can contact on this number: 1-888-543-9212 this number is available on Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. or visit this webpage.

Individual & Family Products

If you have an any query regarding this department like pay your bill, find doctor and enroll than you can contact on this number: 1-888-267-2955 this number is available on Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or visit this webpage.

People Also Ask

Q: Where is BCBSAL corporate office located?

A: BCBSAL corporate office is located at 450 Riverchase Parkway East, Birmingham, Alabama 35244, United States.

Q: How do I Contact BCBSAL corporate office by phone Number?

A: BCBSAL corporate office Contact Number is 1 (888) 267-2955.

Q: What is BCBSAL Customer service number?

A: BCBSAL Customer service number is 1 (888) 267-2955.

Q: Who is the CEO of BCBSAL?

A: Tim Vines is the CEO of BCBSAL.

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