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Citigroup customer service
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It is a good bank, bank's clerk staff is very friendly.

Contact Citigroup customer service phone numbers

Phone Number : 1860 210 2484

Email :

Business Hours: Mon-Fri: 4am - 8pm PST, Sat & Sun: 4am - 7pm PST

Website :

Corporate Head office: 399 Park Ave. New York, NY 10043

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  • Citigroup Headquarters email
  • Live Chat Customer For Citigroup
  • Citigroup website

3. Customer services

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History of Citigroup

Citigroup was formed in 1998 in a very $140bn merger of Citicorp, the largest banking group in America, and Travelers cluster, associate insurer.

The mix was the production of Sanford “Sandy” composer, World Health Organization served as chief executive till he was forced out amid a series of scandals in 2003. composer was succeeded by Chuck patrician, World Health Organization command the highest job for four years till he was forced to fall on his blade because the banking large was engulfed within the sub-prime mortgage crisis.

Vikram Pandit took over as chief govt in december 2007 and has been fighting a losing battle to enhance the company’s fortunes ever since. He has presided over a precipitous share worth decline from a peak of regarding $34 (£23) once he joined to very little over $3 by high noon on Wall Street today.

Citigroup is claimed by most analysts to be too huge and complicated to fail. the corporate has 375,000 staff operating in additional than 100 countries – as well as 12,000 in Great Britain. In 2006, Citigroup was valued by the stock market at regarding $250bn. Today, it’s value simply $21bn.

In which year Citigroup founded

  • 8 October 1998, New York City,
    New York, United States
  • CEO: Michael Corbat

Citigroup Seattle campus

On June 23, 2016, central bank bimanual Citi a passing grade on its check the second time in an exceedingly row, giving permission to triple its dividend to sixteen cent a share and approving a $8.6 billion stock repurchase program.

Citigroup Headquarters info

Citigroup Iraqi National Congress. is one in all the large Four Banks in America, ranking 4th on the list of largest banks within the us by assets. This american international investment banking and money services corporation took life in 1998 through a merger between 2 different banking and money giants. during this article, we’ll discuss the Citigroup headquarters and contact information.

Headquarters Address

  • 399 Park Ave. New York,
    NY 10043

Citigroup Headquarters Phone

  • 1-800-285-3000

Headquarters email


Live Chat Customer For Citigroup

No live Chat

Citigroup Headquarters website



Citigroup customer service

Customer service number: 1860 210 2484

We square measure at your help seven days per week, around the clock. If you’re longing for info concerning our product, services or would like to achieve US, build a variety below to induce started.

Citigroup Phone numbers

  • 00 1 210-677-0065

Citigroup Customer Service Email


Live Chat Customer Service

No Live Chat

How to complain to Citigroup?

If you have a suggestion then please go to the feedback form We value your feedback and will use it to introduce improvements that will make your Citi experience even better.

1. Talk to us

If you would like to speak to a Citi Representative, call CitiPhone on 0800 00 55 00. If you have a complaint, we’ll try to put things right straight away. And if this isn’t possible, we’ll ensure your complaint is dealt with by our Customer Care Unit.

2. Send a letter

If you prefer to put your complaint or feedback in writing, you can send a letter to the address below:

Global Consumer Banking
Citibank Europe plc, UK Branch
PO Box 4012

3. Email us

You can also send us an email through Citi Online, simply click on Customer Services. Then choose Send a message and choose the option for General queries.

Citigroup Careers and Jobs

The standard Citigroup careers form features eight sections. While it is not complicated to get through the form, applicants should fill out each section carefully to make sure they provide all the necessary information. Here are the main sections of the form and the information they require

Click Here

Citigroup headquarters Executive Team

  • Francisco A. Aristeguieta: Chief Executive Officer Asia Pacific
  • Stephen Bird: Chief Executive Officer Global Consumer Banking
  • Don Callahan: Head of Operations & Technology
  • Mark Carawan: Chief Compliance Officer
  • Michael Corbat: Chief Executive Officer Citigroup
  • James C. Cowles: Chief Executive Officer Europe, Middle East & Africa
  • James A. Forese: President

Directors of The Citigroup Company

  • Eric Aboaf
  • Javier Arrigunaga
  • Don Callahan
  • James Cowles
  • Barbara Desoer
  • Jane Fraser
  • Bradford Hu
  • Jud Linville
  • Manual Medina-More
  • Edward Skyler
  • Francesco Vanni d’Archirafi
  • Paco Ybarra
  • Francisco Aristeguieta
  • Stephen Bird
  • Michael Corbat
  • John Davidson III
  • James Forese
  • John Gerspach
  • Brian Leach
  • Paul McKinnon
  • William Mills
  • Cece Stewart
  • Rohan Weerasinghe

Citigroup customer service reviews



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Resource: Citigoup

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Citigroup customer service
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Alisa

It is a good bank, bank's clerk staff is very friendly.

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