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by Elizabeth kuhlman on CVS Customer Service

Really disappointed in experience I use eliquis and back in 2017 I received a co pay card of $10. When I tried to use it in 2018 cvs in East Islip told me it was no good anymore. I tried again in 2019 and was told same thing. I called eliquis directly and they informed me the card is good for 2 years and I should have been paying only $10 a months and not $30. I bought this to the rep at the pharmacy and they said oh yeah I see the card on file but I can’t reimburse you for anything. I really think they should reimburse me for there error. I’m very disappointed in there reply

by t/h on CVS Customer Service

just stay away from maineville ohio cvs. that new blonde with glasses pharmacist is a control freak and wont fill c'2s until she makes you wait for 2 hours. she likes to make up fake "laws" and love to give sarcastic smiles as you recite the real laws to her face.

by John Wilson on CVS Customer Service

Very good Service


Phone number: 1-800-746-7287




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