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Phone number: 1800 419 9833

Hours: 4:00 AM to 10:00 PM Pacific Time Monday through Friday; 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM Pacific Time Saturday and Sunday



PayPal Customer Service Phone Numbers Corporate Office Address
PayPal Headquarters 2211 N. 1st St. San Jose, CA 95131

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History of PayPal

PayPal was established in Dec 1998 as conformity, an organization that developed security software system for handheld devices, founded by Max Levchin, Peter Thiel, Luke Nosek and Ken Howery. PayPal was developed and launched as a cash transfer service at Confinity in 1999, funded by John Malloy from BlueRun Ventures.

In March 2000, Confinity unified with, an internet depository financial institution founded by Elon Musk. Musk was optimistic regarding the long run success of the money transfer business Confinity was developing.

Musk and then-president and corporate executive of, Bill Harris, disagreed on now and Harris left the corporate in could 2000. In the Gregorian calendar month of that year, Musk created the choice that would terminate its alternative net banking operations and target the PayPal cash service.

The company was then renamed PayPal in 2001, and swollen quickly throughout the year till company executives set to require PayPal public in 2002. Paypal’s commerce listed beneath the ticker PYPL at $13 per share and over up generating over $61 million.

In which year PayPal founded PayPal images

December 1998, Palo Alto, California,
United States

CEO: Daniel Schulman
Founders: Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, Max Levchin, Luke Nosek, Ken Howery, Yu Pan

PayPal Seattle campus

Products and brands of PayPal

PayPal Headquarters description

PayPal could be a cash website giving customers the power to require online payments for products and services rendered. The website is at hand by the eBay Corporation. The corporation was founded in 1998 and presently operates 2 offices within the us California and American state.

With quite 148 million users and 9 million payments processed daily in additional than 200 currencies, PayPal is one among the leading payment processors within the world.

PayPal Headquarters info

You can contact PayPal headquarters by mail, but no phone number or email contact is listed on the corporate side of the website for PayPal headquarters. We did find the phone number for PayPal headquarters on a third-party website. You can use the contact form after logging in to your account to contact the customer service department. Request your email be forwarded to the corporate office.

Headquarters Address PayPal Headquarters images

PayPal Headquarters 2211 N. 1st St. San Jose,
CA 95131


PayPal Headquarters 12312 Port Grace Blvd. La Vista,
NE 68128

PayPal Headquarters Phone


Headquarters email

Live Chat Customer For PayPal

No Live Chat For Customer Service

Headquarters website

PayPal all headquarters Name & numbers

PayPal Headquarters 2211 N. 1st St. San Jose,
CA 95131


PayPal customer services

Customer Care Toll Free Helpline Number: 1800 212 3852

PayPal phone numbers PayPal customer services Images

Call  1800 212 3852 to get in touch with the PayPal customer service.

PayPal Customer Service Email
Customer Service

Live Chat Customer Service

Live chat allows you to use instant messaging to contact our Customer Services team via our website.

If you are a Skype customer, you can contact live chat support as follows:

  • Sign in with your Skype Name and password.
  • Select the topic you need help with and the problem you’re having. Some information that might help with your problem is displayed.
  • If the information doesn’t help, click Next.
  • Select your contact method.
  • You will see an option to request chat support. Click Text chat support.

How to complain to PayPal?

To submit a PayPal Complaint follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your PayPal account at
  • 2Click ‘Contact Us’ at the bottom of any PayPal page.
  • Under the ‘Email Us’ option, click ‘Send us a question by email’.
  • Select the ‘File a complaint against the PayPal’ option.
  • To confirm you’re reporting an issue with PayPal’s service, choose the ‘File a complaint against PayPal (not a buyer/seller complaint)’ option.
  • Fill in the summarize your question in one sentence’ field and click ‘Continue’.
  • Fill in the required fields and click ‘Continue’.

PayPal Careers and Jobs

PayPal Careers Images

PayPal headquarters Executive Team

  • Patrick Dupuis – Chief Financial Officer
  • James Barrese – Chief Technology Officer
  • Hill Ferguson – Chief Product Officer
  • Tomer Barel – Chief Risk Officer
  • Gary Marino – Senior Vice President
  • Dianne Mills – Senior Vice President
  • Rupert Keeley – Senior Vice President
  • John McCabe – Senior Vice President
  • Bill Ready – Chief Executive
  • Stan Chudnovsky – Vice President
  • Christina Smedley – Vice President
  • Rohan Mahadevan – Vice President
  • Don Kingsborough – Vice President
  • John D. Muller – Vice President

Directors of The PayPal Company

  • Elon Musk
  • Max Levchin
  • John Malloy JD
  • John Dean, Jr.
  • Shailesh Mehta PhD
  • Scott Banister


PayPal customer service reviews

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