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Starbucks customer service
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Contact Starbucks customer service phone numbers

Phone Number : 800-Starbuc (800-782-7282)

Email :

Business Hours: 5 AM – 8 PM

Website :

Corporate Head office: 2401 Utah Avenue South, Seattle, Washington, U.S.

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History of Starbucks

History of Starbucks

Starbucks originally started in 1971 by Krauthead Balswin, Gordon Bowker, and Zev Siegl, with its 1st search situated in Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market. From this location, Starbucks oversubscribed high-quality whole low beams, dark-roasted in tiny batches, the ecu approach.

The name of Starbucks was chosen in honor of the coffee-loving mate in Woodrow Charles Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, and, as a result of they thought the name induced the romance of the high seas and also the seafaring tradition of the first low traders. This company emblem may be a twin-tailed siren, from classical mythology, encircled by the store’s name.

In 1982, Howard Schultz, the currently celebrated corporate executive of Starbucks, joined as director of retail operations and promoting. Two years later, Mr. Schultz convinced the founders of Starbucks to check the restaurant ideas in their downtown urban center store, wherever the primary Starbucks® espresso was served.

In 1987, Howard Schultz crystal rectifier a bunch of investors that purchased Starbucks from its’ founders. Since then, Starbucks has become the premier roaster and specialty low merchandise within the world. Currently, there are 18,000 stores in 62 countries.

Along with marketing prime quality, low beans, Starbucks offer a spread of specialty low drinks, teas, drinkable, merchandise and a restricted menu choice of food things. Their stores supply a clean, quiet atmosphere with free WLAN for patrons.

In which year, Starbucks founded

Straight talk founded in March 31 1971, Georgia, United States.
Founders: Gordon Bowker, Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl
Headquarters: Seattle, Washington, United States
CEO: Howard Schultz
Customer service: 1 (800) 782-7282

Starbucks, Seattle campus

Products and brands of Starbucks

Products and brands of Starbucks

Starbucks owns and operates the following brand names:

Seattle’s Best Coffee
Tazo tea
La Boulange
Evolution Fresh

Starbucks Headquarters description

Starbucks was founded in 1971 in Seattle and the Starbucks Headquarters is still located in Seattle, Washington. The corporate office in America employs around 3500 people. The Starbucks Headquarters for Europe, Middle East and Africa is located in London, UK.

Starbucks Headquarters info

The Starbucks headquarters is located in Seattle, Washington. The corporate contact information is not listed openly on the official website, but we were able to find contact information like the address for Starbucks headquarters and a contact phone and email on various websites.

Headquarters Address

starbucks headquarters address

Starbucks Headquarters
2401 Utah S. Seattle, WA 98134,
For Customer Service, please write to:
Starbucks Customer Service
PO Box 6363, Dover, DE 19905-6363

Starbucks Headquarters Phone

The phone number for Starbucks headquarters is 1-206-447-1575. We verified the phone number, which was answered by an automated system thanking us for calling the Starbucks Coffee Company.

Headquarters email

While there’s no email address for Starbucks headquarters, there’s Associate in Nursing email address for TracFone headquarters

The company also has dedicated staff to answer tweets at the handle@starbuckshelp, at StarbucksHelp.

Live Chat Customer For Starbucks

Next best option according to 224 Starbucks customers:
If you are having trouble reaching Starbucks, our experts can handle issues for you:

Headquarters website

Starbucks all headquarters Name & numbers

Starbucks customer services

Starbucks customer services

The Starbucks started in 1971 with a roaster and also the want to sell the most effective roast low beans and spices on the market. The primary store was in Pike Place Market in the city. From there, the corporate unfolds to quite 60 countries. You are onerous ironed to seek out one giant city or town that didn’t have a Starbucks store, however, none of the stores’ square measure franchises as Starbucks headquarters owns and operates all stores.

Phone numbers

Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-782-7282

The Starbucks headquarters phone number is: 1-206-447-1575.

The Starbucks Customer Service phone number is: 1-800-782-7282

The Partner phone number is: 1-866-504-7368 or try the Partner Help Desk at 1-888-796-5282. For Starbucks Employee Recognition, call 1-800-732-6497.

Starbucks Customer Service Email

Starbucks client Service Phone Numbers. It has many client Service numbers, that you simply will decide if you’ve got a. Starbucks Headquarters and company workplace. See a way to contact the Starbucks company workplace, via email.

Live Chat Starbucks Customer Service

OK, so Starbucks doesn’t have a live chat option. Most companies don’t. If you are looking to get your problem solved quickly, check out our issue-specific info or have one of our experts work on your behalf. Start by telling us the exact problem

How to complain to Starbucks?

If you would like to file a criticism at Starbucks otherwise you have an issue or a difficulty, we tend to advocate that you simply speak to the manager at your native Starbucks 1st.

Otherwise, send a criticism via their email type system, that sometimes provides answers in an exceedingly day or Select your department ANd send an email. The direct link to the “Store Experiences” email feedback type is at raise Retail Stores.

If you would like to decision client service, then the Starbucks client Service is reached on: 1-800-STARBUC (1-800-782-7282). Incorporate Starbucks store experiences and complaints, Starbucks Card and My Starbucks Rewards queries, and alternative problems.

The line is open from three AM-Midnight noble metal, seven days per week.

The company conjointly has dedicated workers to answer tweets at the handle @starbuckshelp, at StarbucksHelp.

Starbucks Careers and Jobs

Operating as one of the largest coffee shop chains in the world, Starbucks maintains an international presence of more than 20,000 locations in roughly 65 countries. The public company looks to continue widespread growth and looks to hire new and motivated individuals to work as baristas and managers across the U.S. And areas around the globe.

Starbucks Careers and Jobs

Starbucks headquarters Executive Team

  • Howard Schultz: chief executive officer, interim
  • Laxman Narasimhan: incoming chief executive officer
  • Rachel Ruggeri: executive vice president and chief financial officer
  • Andy Adams: senior vice president, Store Development
  • Tyson Avery: senior vice president, deputy general counsel and chief ethics and compliance officer
  • Kelly Bengston: senior vice president, chief procurement officer, Global Sourcing
  • Luigi Bonini: senior vice president, Product Experience
  • Brady Brewer: executive vice president, chief marketing officer
  • Frank Britt: executive vice president, chief strategy and transformation officer
  • Dennis Brockman: senior vice president, global chief inclusion & diversity officer
  • Michelle Burns: executive vice president of Global Coffee, Tea and Cocoa
  • Michael Conway: group president, International and Channel Development
  • John Culver: group president, North America and chief operating officer
  • Lori Digulla: senior vice president and general manager for Starbucks Canada
  • George Dowdie: executive vice president, Global Supply Chain
  • Lisa Erdely: senior vice president, Americas Finance
  • Tom Ferguson: senior vice president and president, Latin America and Caribbean
  • Jen Frisch: senior vice president, Partner Resources, U.S. Retail, Licensed Stores and Operations Services
  • Zabrina Jenkins: acting executive vice president and general counsel

People Also Ask

Q: Where is Starbucks corporate office Located?

A: Starbucks corporate office is located at 2401 Utah Avenue South, Seattle, Washington, United States

Q: How do I Contact Starbucks corporate office by phone Number?

A: Starbucks corporate office Contact Number is 1-206-447-1575.

Q: Who is the CEO of Starbucks?

A: Howard Schultz is a CEO of Starbucks.

Q: Starbucks Customer Service Phone Number?

A: Starbucks Customer Service number is 1 (800) 782-7282.

Starbucks customer service reviews

Here is a list of websites that provide information about Starbucks customer service reviews.

Starbucks on Facebook
Twitter on Starbucks
Contact Forms
Starbucks Newsroom Contacts
Starbucks Locations Finder
Community Starbucks

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